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Any asterisks (*) showing? These symbols are not accepted by the IUPAC standard.
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This converter uses symbols from 118 chemical elements: Hydrogen (Z=1) through Oganesson (Z=118). It does not include the 3-letter temporary symbols used for hypothetical elements. The coding for this converter is set up in a way that, wherever possible, one 2-letter symbol is used for two consecutive letters. If a 2-letter symbol is not possible, 1-letter symbols are used.

This system fails for the following single letters: A, D, E, G, J, L, M, Q, R, T, X and Z; because they are not IUPAC accepted 1-letter symbols for chemical elements. To get around this, the following deprecated 'symbols' were manually added to the database:

Symbol Name Atomic number Description
A Argon 18 Used for Argon until 1957. Current symbol is Ar.
D Didymium 59/60 Mixture of the elements Praseodymium and Neodymium. Mosander wrongly believed Didymium to be an element.
E Einsteinium 99 Current symbol is Es.
G Glucinium 4 Former name for Beryllium.
J Jodium 53 Former name for Iodine.
L Lithium 3 Current symbol is Li.
M Muriaticum 17 Former name for Chlorine.
R Rhodium 45 Current symbol is Rh.
X Xenon 54 Current symbol is Xe.

Note that the symbols from this table, in addition to the 'element-less' symbols Q, T and Z, all show an asterisk (*) in the upper right corner of their tile.